Outside Activities Report

General Instructions

How to File an Outside Activities Report

Who should make a report
• All UW-Madison faculty, regardless of appointment level
• All UW-Madison academic staff and limited appointees with total appointments of 50% or greater
• All principal investigators, co-investigators, and senior/key personnel on current federal grants
• All principal investigators, co-investigators, and senior/key personnel on research protocols involving human subjects
• All individuals with current Conflict of Interest Committee management plans

Individuals must submit the Outside Activities Report even if they have no outside financial interests in their field of work at the University.

When to make a report
You must submit an annual report by April 30.

Time period covered by your report
To meet state and federal requirements, your report covers both current activities and activities that occurred in the previous calendar year. You should disclose any ongoing outside activities or financial interests related to your field of professional work at the UW-Madison and any that you engaged in or held in the previous calendar year.

How to update your report
If you acquire new outside activities or have major changes in your outside activities between annual reports, you must update your report within 30 days of the start of the new or changed outside activity. Instructions on how to update an annual report are available on the Conflict of Interest Web site. If you are the recipient of a federal funding award from a Public Health Services agency, you must update your report no more than 30 days after the Research and Sponsored Programs Office (RSP) begins award set-up. You will receive an email alerting you to this requirement upon receiving notice of award from RSP.

You can use the same process to change a report after a new submission, if you realize that you've made errors.

How to file your report
Log-in Page
1. Go to http://www.grad.wisc.edu/coi/disclose.html.

Page 1
2. Click on the start button on the first page.
3. Enter your personal information and select your appropriate campus appointment.
4. Indicate whether you have any affiliation with the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation.

Page 2
5. Answer the basic questions about whether or not you are engaged in federally funded or human subjects research and whether or not you have outside financial interests.

Page 3
6. If you have financial interests with outside entities, and these interests relate to your institutional responsibilities, then you must disclose these outside financial interests by creating an “entity” and answering the questions on this page.

Page 4
7. Certify that you have, to the best of your ability, answered all questions and provided correct and accurate information about your outside financial interests.
8. Submit the report.